Le p'tit favori

Fleur Delacour Weasley
24 June 1977
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Oui, j'suis Fleur Delacour; witch et sex demon. What? You have no idea what veela iz. I explain very well. You understand now!

...I will probably not have sex with you. I am very picky. Buy a drink anyway. I am pretty.

Special Notes

Fleur is a tall, willowy woman, close to 5'7" American, with "silvery blonde" hair that reaches her waist. She is one of the most beautiful women you have ever seen. As a veela, she is scaly, green, winged, and terrifying to look at; take that as you will.

Read this please.
Unless the mun says specifically in the puppet's actions, the veela charm is not on. Your puppet is dealing with just an exceptionally beautiful witch that can become a great winged green scaley thing. Thank you!

Fleur is from the start of OotP, around July or so. As of now, she is AU from canon. ...It had to be said somewhere.

Fleur and Bill Weasley are currently engaged married as of July 18, 1997. Yes, they will both still flirt with you. No, they won't sleep with you. Ah, love! They also have two children. Fleur is now the hottest MILF that has ever MILFed.

Disclaimer:This journal is used to play Fleur Delacour in milliways_bar. She is the property of J.K. Rowling and all those attached to the name Harry Potter. No profit is being made from playing her. This is just a little fun. Please do not sue us.